What is Prana?

Prana is a word from the ancient language of Sanskrit. It translates as life force energy in English and is known in the oriental cultures as chi or ki. Many other cultures have names for it too. Yoga understands that prana is the undergirding of all that we see, experience, and are. There are many subdivisions of prana; Ayurveda and acupuncture have fascinating maps showing prana in the human body. Yoga and the oriental healing systems are effective because they increase and harmonize this primal life force first; physical benefits are secondarily revealed. The pranic life force is said to be part of the air we breathe; the prana “rides” on the air.

In my understanding, prana is the tool the Divine activates to create and move in our world. It is very interesting to me that many languages have breath and spirit as synonyms: pneuma in Latin, ruach in Hebrew, prana in Sanskrit, are a few examples. Since our deepest desire is to be whole and holy, it is literally true that to breathe well is to be well in profound ways. 

Educated breathing is an excellent and time tested (for 5,000 years) tool to consciously increase  vitality, lower blood pressure, oxygenate our brains & bodies! Carolyn Myss’s bestseller, Anatomy of the Spirit and Donna Farhi’s The Breathing Book are great resources to learn more. Even better…. come to class soon and experience prana directly!

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