Brain Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to my page on the benefits of Yoga and meditation. Learn from the  links about insights on modern brain studies of people with meditative practices.  The amazing bottom line of “neuroplasticity” is that our brains change their physical structure AND their chemistry …  from practices such as Yoga and meditation ~  good news for all of us (especially those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.)!  Better yet, this pre-frontal area of the brain changed by Yoga (meditation in motion) is also the area connected to compassion … to pay attention, is to pray ~

From Kripalu Center! Like Xanax, Yoga boosts GABA and lowers anxiety … Yoga also improves pain tolerance, and improves cognition despite aging:

People who meditate grow bigger brains! 

Here’s an NPR story by Barbara Bradley Haggerty on the work of Dr. Andrew Newberg of U. Penn Hospital; just two weeks of practice can make a difference!

Dr. Daniel Siegel is a psychiatrist who has developed a large body of work on neurobiology; how our body and emotions relate to our brain.  His useful model is explained is this TED talk:  The community we surround ourselves with, makes a difference in our physical health, and that if we can practice compassion with ourselves, OTHERS become more compassionate!

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor speaks –  one of the most watched TED talks; a brain researcher who witnessed herself having a massive brain hemorrage . . . and had a “stroke of insight” as to how the right hemisphere of the brain (consciousness, meditative states, kinesthetic awareness, etc.) was incredibly powerful and how it needs more prominence in our lives.  Truly inspiring story on how she regains her full PhD abilities and much more:

Amy Weintraub healed from depression using her skillfulness as a Yoga practitioner. She now shares that transformational knowledge through her workshops and teacher trainings. Take a look at the resources on her website:

How can a Yoga pose improve a job interview (or in any human interaction)? Researcher Amy Cuddy shows how holding a “power posture” for two minutes, causes beneficial changes in testosterone and cortisol. It’s true that you can “fake it ’til you make it” with self-power.  Better yet, “fake it ’til you become it!”:

Think you know yourself fairly well? Read this … and be humbled on these psychological realities. Remember, that Yoga encourages svadyaya/self-study; if we know this exists,  … we are less likely to become trapped by it: